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John McAfee decided what we really needed was physical, not software switches in our phones. Makes sense. You want to know the Wi-Fi is off, an analogue switch will ensure it.

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Major General Brett I. Williams discusses the distinction between cyberwarfare and information warfare. The distinction can be important!

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Solomon Smith and I presented at the Spring ISACA meeting in Iowa City, IA today on cyber education.

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There are certainly many technological and ethical considerations when developing brain-machine solutions, but Elon Musk formed Neuralink to explore this next frontier of human evolution. This is worth a read.

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Home | The Security Cards: A Security Threat Brainstorming Kit

The University of Washington has developed a set of 42 playing cards for modeling security and privacy threats. The cards encourage you to brainstorm about potential threats along 4 dimensions:


You may print the cards yourself or request them from the university.

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Are you willing to share your most intimate medical information with Google health spinout, Verily? Volunteers agree to undergo various invasive medical procedures and wear tracking devices for four years.

Verily today published a website that marks the launch of its founding idea, the Baseline Project, a multi-year study expected to cost more than $100 million that it says will search for clues to predicting heart disease and cancer.

Volunteers are being asked to submit to an unprecedented regimen of tests and physical monitoring. They’ll be asked to wear a heart-tracking watch that follows their pulse and movements in real time and will undergo a detailed workup of x-rays and heart scans, in addition to having their genomes deciphered and their blood tested in so-called liquid biopsies, which might be able to catch cancer early.

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